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There is an extensive history of collecting vintage hockey cards, unopened packs, premiums, inserts and food issues. They are accurately listed and defined in this guide that has renewed the hobby's stream of factual information.

It is the Vintage Hockey Collector’s Price Guide.

For the first time ever, hockey collectors will have a sport-specific guide that will assist and inform unlike any other published work. Whether you are young or old, new to the hobby or even the most experienced dealer, this is the book for you! This unique compilation provides precise details on almost every scarce hockey collectible ever issued. The information dates back to the inception of the first premium insert in 1909, all the way through to 1990. You will find “oddball” releases, mail-in premiums, rare variations and every card insert –all in one incredible guide!

Finally, collectors can refer to a volume created by not just one or two collectors, but by more than 12 collectors/authorities in the field. A dozen of the hobby’s top experts, in combination with the endless efforts of author Bobby Burrell, will provide precise and accurate information the hobby has long been without!

All the contributors and editors of this new guide have been absolutely essential in making this guide what it is. The finished product will reflect that collaborative effort. No single person could possibly take on such a massive job.

The Vintage Hockey Collector’s Price Guide is a giant 300-page full-color volume with an entire page dedicated to almost every individual card and collectibles issue. Each of these pages will be devoted to a defined overview of the issue, including pictures of original advertisements, packaging, associated premiums… stuff you never knew existed!

This guide is an unbelievable source of information. Unlike many current guides on the market, it provides a real and accurate assessment of values. It is illustrated beautifully, displaying truly scarce images not published elsewhere. Not only does it trace the history of “bubble gum” cards but it also delves further into “tobacco” issues, and “chocolate” and “candy” related card and premium issues. And it does all this in an easy-to-read format with information galore.

There have been few other efforts of this magnitude, focusing on this oh-so-select and treasured facet of the hobby. No other volume focuses on hockey in such detail. Nothing has outlined the history and heritage vintage cards, food issues, and related hockey collectibles. For example, some long-overdue changes have been made to the release dates of certain issues. All such updated information is thoroughly backed up with years of research including originally dated advertising material. The names of some of the manufacturers of these collectibles have been corrected as well. For far too long, much hobby information has been based on rumour, hearsay and popular but misguided opinions!

Collecting may not be one of your hobbies, but if you have a passion for old-time hockey, this is a book that will warm your heart and trigger those childhood memories. It’s not often that a new and innovative published work enters into the collecting realm, but the Vintage Hockey Collector’s Price Guide will surely strengthen the hobby making it an authoritative volume for all.

This guide has been created by collectors for collectors, and for anyone who enjoys hockey in general. Please click on the Paypal link to pay, shipping is included or contact us via email for other payment methods.

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